Intro - Meet Rudy

I work at ParagonMeds, a family owned and operated business started by my father in 1999.

I started out learning our operations by stacking boxes and learning our order fulfillment systems. I quickly found myself taking on more responsibilities working in various capacities including procurement of goods, creation of procurement programs, contracts creation & management, distribution management, supply chain strategies and more.

After working in operations, and getting my CDR along the way, I learned the financial side of the business, accounts payable management, returns management, etc and now I find myself busier than ever as Purchasing Director and VP of Business Development.

As purchasing Director and VP of Business Development some of my responsibilities are:

  • Managing Vendor Relationships
  • Managing current competitive pricing and supplier relations and performance.
  • Establishing market sell prices on new and current inventory
  • Evaluating inventory and establishing strategies to move overstocked and short dated merchandise
  • Ordering product as required to maintain effective product base.
  • Providing product logistics to management and sales teams to assist in inventory and sales management.
  • Managing assigned sourcing projects to achieve cost savings.

That's my story here at ParagonMeds. If you'd like to better understand the advantages of working with us, or learn more about the current opportunities available to work at ParagonMeds feel free to call or contact me via the contact page on this website.