Suicides In Recent News

In light of the the recent news in the press around depression and it's consequences to individuals and families -- Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are just a couple of examples -- I think it would be a good idea to remind all of the free resources available to Americans.

If you are one of your family members are in need of help, please contact the confidential National Suicide Prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255. It is a good place to start a private conversation. They can also help to find additional resources.

We do sell mental health drugs here at ParagonMeds, we hope people continue to speak with mental health professionals and confide in those around them. Depression can be a silent killer. 

- Rudy

Hiring in San Diego

Were hiring college students in the San Diego, California area to be trained as inside sales reps.

If you have a friend or family member in the area that could be a good fit please have them contact me via this website.

The position would be full time, we have a very thorough training program and generous pay.


Rudy MJ LaVecchia


Hurricane Irma

What a scare!

We shut down our offices in Florida and prepared for the worst. Thankfully we got lucky and minor flood damage was the worst of it. 

Our office is open and we are back on the grind. We are already working on sending aid and helping our partners effected by the storm. More updates to come.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those less fortunate to be in the direct path of the storm.

- Rudy MJ LaVecchia


New York - Our New Sales Office

With ParagonMeds growing at a staggering pace, we have opened a new east coast office in New York, and have our eyes set on California as our next location.

The New York sales office opened in January and boasts over 25 years of pharmaceutical experience. Already well staffed, our Niagara Falls office is actively hiring.

To become apart of our growing team in New York, or inquire about working with ParagonMeds, feel free to call the telephone number above or reach out using my contact form.

- Rudy

ParagonMeds Enters Long Term Care and Specialty Markets

Our latest press release:


ParagonMeds now offers LTC and specialty pharmacies better contract pricing as well as access to over 40,000+ products through their interactive website, shaving cost and time off the purchasing process.

Purchasing Director and VP of Business Development Rudy MJ LaVecchia said “We’re confident working with our reps, online ordering system, and pricing, LTC and specialty pharmacies will be able to spend more time improving patient care and less time worrying about inventory.”

We're looking forward to expanding and hiring into 2017. Contact me if your interested in joining our sales team.